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Seminars and conferences provide an opportunity to gain insight to a better way of doing things. Use Comapping to ensure you and your team get the most out of the experience.

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Leverage and share knowledge.

  • Capture and compile the information quickly
  • Easily categorize and analyze the material as it's being discussed
  • Share instantly

Simplify the complex.

  • Categorize the learnings
  • Creating visual connections between ideas can have a powerful impact on your retention level and understanding

Address while it's fresh.

  • Sharing the information while it's top of mind allows your colleagues to ask questions while you're still at the conference - giving you a chance to explore further

Wish you were here.

  • Don't waste time going back to the office and retyping the notes and sending them out via email
  • A couple of clicks and you can share the notes instantly with your team
  • Give your coworkers a chance to review so they can ask questions - giving you a chance to dig deeper while you have access to experts

Keep it all in one place!

  • Never worry about archiving or losing notes again
  • All important information is included in one document
  • Add attachments, links to web pages and other web resources
  • Provides more information about key points