Capture and keep meeting notes in one place for quick and easy access, organization and sharing. Ensure your meetings are productive and worthwhile with Comapping.

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Run more effective meetings.

  • Start with a purpose
  • Build and edit an agenda
  • Use templates for standing meetings
  • Central note taker not required - EVERYONE can contribute
  • Quickly add additional topics, ideas and next steps
  • At the end of the meeting, everyone leaves with clear action items

Schedule or travel conflicts?

  • It's a great way to facilitate a conference call
  • Remote participants can get online, follow along and add notes in real-time - the notes are always up to date
  • Share the map with team members who can't attend the meeting so they can add their thoughts after the discussion
  • Receive email notifications when the map is changed

How does Comapping manage my notes?

  • One set of current notes & files for you and your team
  • Puts all of your notes in one place
  • Quickly share important information with your team, clients or suppliers (even non Comapping users)
  • Never worry about archiving or losing notes again

Easy to follow. Easy to understand.

  • No long paragraphs to read
  • Notes are always structured to show the main idea followed by supporting detail
  • Visual connections show how everything ties together

Chime in without interrupting.

  • Capture ideas in a parking lot as they come to you - don't wait for a "window"
  • Too many times an idea is lost because you don't want to interrupt the current conversation
  • Use Comapping to help encourage increased participation by all attendees