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One set of notes & files for you and your team

  • Attach any file format to your notes
  • Puts all of your notes in one place
  • Auto-save and Auto-backups onto a secure server provides worry-free storage for your notes and files

Multiple people can work collaboratively on the same map

  • Real-time Collaboration and Updates
  • Supports up to 20 active collaborators at one time
  • Built in Chat feature
  • Task management, sending on-demand status e-mails
  • Create simple and understandable presentations online

Mind Mapping Interface (Visual Outlining)

  • Based on Mind Mapping, this format brings a visual interface that shows connections between the blocks of information text in your map
  • Screen auto-centering keeps your selected topics on the screen, allowing you to quickly take notes
  • Drag and drop topics for quick reorganization
  • Left-to-Right mapping has been tested versus traditional circular mapping. The conclusion was striking: people were more confused - and less efficient - when they were building or trying to review a part of a map that had the topics around a center, especially going from right to left.
  • Using cutting-edge programming technologies, you will experience smooth animation and fast navigation as if it were a desktop application installed on your PC

Online interface so can connect from any computer

  • Access from anywhere, 24/7
  • Online, short how-to videos are accessible to guide you when you need guidance, not when you don't

Offline Comapping application supports Comapping online

  • Enables you to work offline, when no internet connection is available
  • Provides a place for private non-sharable data
  • Visit our Download Page to download and install it!

For PC or Mac with nothing to download

  • Using Flash on any modern browser, including IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome
  • Online web 2.0 software, so you have nothing to download. Get started in a matter of seconds.