Comapping is built on Adobe Flash Player which is reaching its end of life on December 31st, 2020. We are working on potential migration options, however, rest assumed you can continue using the Desktop Version even after December 31st, 2020.


Ideate. Innovate. Brainstorm. Whatever the buzz word, you need to leverage the talents of your team so you can solve problems. Comapping is better than using sticky notes or flip charts to capture ideas .

Brainstorming is the natural process of listing a large quantity of ideas for solving problems. Using Comapping has a number of advantages over traditional flip charts and sticky notes.

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Electronic brainstorming.

  • In independent studies, electronic brainstorming (without verbalizing ideas) produced better results than traditional brainstorming with groups larger than 2.
  • Allows participants to add ideas without fear of immediate evaluation.
  • Remote participation from around the globe.
  • Keeps others from doing all the work (social loafing).
  • Creates more "open" discussion
  • Stimulates participation of all
  • Promotes piggy-backing of ideas
  • Spark ideas with built-in idea starters in your map
  • Allows you to prioritize ideas

Support for traditional (in-person) brainstorming.

  • See the connections and how ideas are built as they are added to the map
  • Capture ideas of everyone and build off of ideas in the map as they are being discussed in person
  • Electronically document ideas for later discussion and follow-up
  • Buffer non-verbalized ideas from criticism
  • Allow non-present members of your team to participate in real-time

The brainstorm is not the end of the road.

  • Comapping provides a platform for organizing and choosing ideas so ideas don't die on the vine
  • Comapping is a powerful tool capable of capturing an idea and then turning it into a reality.
  • Organize and choose best ideas.
  • Add additional ideas minutes, hours or days later -- after you have time to think (or not think) about it more.
  • Set priorities and next action steps
  • Put the best ideas into new project maps to develop and make real