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This template is found in your "new maps". Use this template as is, or as a starter to fit your needs.Remember not to let your template drive your map too much. Use it to get ideas and let the information for your particular needs be the guide every time.

Note Taking Tips

  1. Capture key points and things you do not already know. Don't try to record everything
    Listen for "signal statements"
    • "The most important..."
    • "Remember that..."
    • Repeating statements
    • Handouts
    • Things written on white board
  2. Add a ? or other searchable symbols before questions or comments you want to review later. Then click Find or F to scan these later.
  3. Add colors and icons to call out parts
  4. Fill out the "Summary" areas *in your own words as soon as you possible AFTER taking your notes (while the info is still fresh).
  5. Reorganize, expand on abbreviations, add reference notes, links and file attachments
  6. Share your notes
    • First to build collaborative notes
    • During to fill in the blanks
    • Later to inform
  7. Reference
Seminars Template

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