Take Notes

Comapping is great for taking notes in class, or during meetings. The visual connections clarify complex subjects and concepts. Use Comapping for Lectures, Meetings and Brainstorming.


Example Map

  • Capture key points and things you do not already know
  • Don't try to record everything
  • Add colors and icons to call out important items
  • Type a "summary" of the lecture as soon as possible AFTER taking your notes (reinforces the main points)
  • Share your notes and study with classmates
Lectures Example


Example Map

  • Divide the work
  • Track and monitor progress
  • Real-time updates for quick and easy communication
Meetings Example


Example Map

  • State the purpose and begin building ideas
  • Easily add on "piggy-back' ideas as the brainstorm builds
  • Drag and drop to organize ideas into categories
  • Return to add new ideas later
  • Pull out the best ideas for next actions
Brainstorming Example