Comapping is built on Adobe Flash Player which is reaching its end of life on December 31st, 2020. We are working on potential migration options, however, rest assumed you can continue using the Desktop Version even after December 31st, 2020.

Take Notes

Comapping is great for taking notes in class, or during meetings. The visual connections clarify complex subjects and concepts. Use Comapping for Lectures, Meetings and Brainstorming.


Example Map

  • Capture key points and things you do not already know
  • Don't try to record everything
  • Add colors and icons to call out important items
  • Type a "summary" of the lecture as soon as possible AFTER taking your notes (reinforces the main points)
  • Share your notes and study with classmates
Lectures Example


Example Map

  • Divide the work
  • Track and monitor progress
  • Real-time updates for quick and easy communication
Meetings Example


Example Map

  • State the purpose and begin building ideas
  • Easily add on "piggy-back' ideas as the brainstorm builds
  • Drag and drop to organize ideas into categories
  • Return to add new ideas later
  • Pull out the best ideas for next actions
Brainstorming Example