Comapping is built on Adobe Flash Player which is reaching its end of life on December 31st, 2020. We are working on potential migration options, however, rest assumed you can continue using the Desktop Version even after December 31st, 2020.

Notes & Research

Whether you have research or seminar notes, to-do lists or random scribbles around your desk, Comapping is the one place to put and organize ALL OF YOUR STUFF. How else will you ever find it when you need it? Comapping allows you to track, organize, find and share information in real-time with clients and colleagues.

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Turn data into intelligence.

  • Simplify the complex
  • Highlight the important points in lengthy research decks
  • Translate "what it means" for your business
  • Share with your team and partners so they're aware
  • Document and organize ideas, reference information, research, conversations, phone calls, to-do's
  • Document notes and files
  • Figure next actions for each note
  • Create new maps for Projects

Never lose a thought.

  • Take rapid notes on your computer
  • Paste research and internet links
  • Record jots on a napkin before you lose them forever and put them in a central Comapping location for organizing and reviewing on a regular basis

Leverage and share knowledge.

  • Capture and compile the information quickly
  • Easily categorize and analyze the material as it's being discussed
  • Share instantly
  • Inform or create a forum for instant real-time collaboration with clients and/or colleagues

Shortcuts & Presentations.

  • You've mapped out all of your ideas now it's time to present
  • Don't waste your time recreating a separate presentation
  • Use the Shortcuts & Presentations feature to lay out your flow
  • Attach files and other visuals to bring ideas to life
  • Perfect for executive summaries