Keeping students interested and motivated is often a challenge. Use Comapping as a way to engage your students in collaborative projects inside and out of class.

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Issue of time.

  • Students and instructors have significant time commitments to school, families, jobs and communities
  • Many students attend college part time and have limited time to spend on campus
  • Part time students are less likely to work with other students on projects during and outside of class
  • Comapping provides a tool to engage busy students in group work without adding the burden that requires them to always be on campus

Engage students through collaboration

  • Enhances collaborative activity in and out of class
  • Helps you better manage group work
  • Builds community based project involvement
  • Introduces your students to learning communities
  • Provides a virtual student lounge

Help students think!

  • Analyzing, categorizing, summarizing and organizing information has a positive effect on learning - Students aren't just copying information
  • Visualization can have a powerful effect on learning and retention
  • Visual connections show how everything ties together
  • Students can clearly see the relationship between topics and supporting details

It's all in one place!

  • All important information is stored in one place
  • Attachments, links to web pages and other web resources are easily added - expanding the world of learning
  • Information is easily shared with others - enhancing the powerful impact of collaboration
  • Provides access to notes from any computer, anywhere, at any time