Working with others on projects or group activities is a great way to engage your students. Comapping provides a useful roadmap for achieving successful, effective collaboration.

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The Collaborative experience

  • The success of group work depends on how effectively member activities and meetings are organized and run
  • Meetings can help group projects and activities move forward or they can be painful roadblocks to progress
  • The Unfortunately All Too Typical Group Collaboration
    1. Barriers arise when finding a time and location convenient for all to meet
      • How can we all get together with everyone's busy schedule?
      • Some students are likely to be left out and have to catch up later.
    2. Key questions aren't always effectively addressed
      • Have we set the right goals for our activity?
      • Are we all are working with the same information?
    3. Are we moving forward to the results we want?
      • Is everyone in the group doing their part?
      • Are we achieving items in the right time frame?
    4. Did we actually accomplish our goals?

Schedule conflicts are no longer barriers

  • Digitally meet with your project group when convenient for everyone
  • Remote members of the group can get online, follow along and add notes in real-time - the notes are always up to date
  • Share the map with absent team members so they can add their thoughts to the discussion

Comapping provides a project planning process

  • State the desired outcome for the project
  • List Contacts for easy reference
  • Brainstorm against the desired outcome
  • Gather information needed
  • Capture random thoughts and ideas throughout the project
  • Track Next Actions, Meetings and Due Dates
  • Attach working files
  • Show how it all ties together through the use of visual connections in Comapping

Capture key information in one location

  • One set of current notes & files for you and your group
  • Everyone comes away from project meetings with clear goals and action items
  • Important information is quickly and easily shared with group members

Problem solving is enhanced

  • Brainstorming sessions are more productive
  • Ideas are easily captured and then turned into a reality.
  • Priorities are established along with next action steps
  • Your best ideas are easily enhanced through maps and fully developed