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Whether you're presenting to your customers, own team, leadership or suppliers, you need to make sure you're communications are effective and to the point.

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Just the important stuff

  • Prioritize and categorize the important items you want to cover
  • Lay out the information in a way that's logical and easy to understand
  • Use color and icons to highlight key ideas
  • Stay on task and on target

Document questions and feedback

  • One set of current notes & files for you and your team
  • Puts all of the notes in one place
  • At the end of the presentation, everyone leaves with a clear understanding
  • Quickly share important feedback with your team, clients or suppliers (even non-Comapping users)

Map out the process

  • Determine the purpose and what you want to communicate
  • Organize and Prepare your information and reference materials
  • Build the Presentation
  • Simplify complex processes
  • Quickly capture and identify everything that has an impact
  • Visual connections show how everything ties together
  • No long paragraphs to read
  • Show how it all ties together through the use of visual connections

Shortcuts & Presentations

  • You've mapped out all of your ideas now it's time to present
  • Don't waste your time recreating a separate presentation
  • Use the Shortcuts & Presentations feature to lay out your flow
  • Attach files and other visuals to bring ideas to life
  • Link to other web pages or resources for quick access